TCPA and RFI Regionalisation Initiative 

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The TCPA in conjunction with the Rail Futures Institute (RFI) is launching a discussion paper advocating the regionalisation of Victoria to boost our economy and help us recover more quickly from the coronvirus recession.

Regionalisation means encoraging more people to live in regional cities. It requires government leadership to encourage population and economic growth of regional cities, and investment in faster rail connections to create an integrated economic region.

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Victoria needs a major economic stimulus to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Over the past two decades, Victoria’s economy has been driven by population growth from net immigration, with most jobs being created in the inner areas and most new homes are built in the outer growth suburbs.  Continuing this pattern of population growth will impair productivity and increase inequality.  

An alternative approach of rebalancing population growth into Victoria’s regions will deliver more widespread economic growth and address inequalities between regions, outer growth areas and inner Melbourne.

Rebalancing growth requires government intervention - to incentivise the growth of regional cities and their economies, to help link regions into national and international trade networks, to provide infrastructure such as faster rail and quality broadband services, and to manage the risk of unintended consequences of increased urban development in regional areas.

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