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The Town and Country Planning Association is a politically independent not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria. The TCPA advocates for integrated planning of land use and transport for sustainability and a healthy living environment.  Our more recent submissions and opinion articles are displayed below. 

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Current Opinions

Register to attend the launch of our Regionalisation study. The TCPA in conjunction with the Rail Futures Institute (RFI) is launching a discussion paper advocating the regionalisation of Victoria to boost our economy and help us recover more quickly from the coronvirus recession. Regionalisation means encoraging more people to live in regional cities. It requires government leadership to encourage population and economic growth of regional cities, and investment in faster rail connections to cr...
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High Speed Rail for Regional Growth is a report written for for Fastrack Australia. Fastrack Australia is a not-for-profit organisation advocating for the development of a high-speed rail network in South-East Australia. The report addresses why Australia needs a high speed rail network. It shows that regionalisation needs high speed rail to be successful, but it will drive higher economic growth that justifies the significant investment needed. It also considers what Government, regional cities...
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Previous Submissions and Opinions

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Yarra Strategic Plan Submission Current Status : Completed

Town & Country Planning Association Inc. submission to the to the Draft Yarra Strategic Plan (March 2020)
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McCauley Structure Plan Submission Current Status : Completed

Town & Country Planning Association Inc. submission to the City of Melbourne Draft Macaulay Structure Plan Refresh 2020 (July 2020)
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